• 25 May 2023: Our PRIN project “SELF4COOP” has been funded by the MUR.
    Our PRIN project titled “Self-optimizing Networked Edge Control for Cooperative Vehicle Autonomy” (SELF4COOP) has been selected for funding by the Italian Ministry for University and Research. The project will last 2 years and will be developed in cooperation with the University of Palermo.
  • 28 Apr. 2023: Michele Segata participated as a panelist at IEEE VNC 2023.
    The title of the panel was “Edge Computing - what role will it play in V2X communication?”. The panel was organized by Jim Lansford (Qualcomm) and was joined by Onur Altintas (Toyota North America R&D) and Teodor Buburuzan (Volkswagen AG)
  • 26 Apr. 2023: Our paper “Copy-CAV: V2X-Enabled Wireless Towing for Emergency Transport” has been accepted for publication in Elsevier’s Computer Communication journal
  • 03 Mar. 2023: Our paper “On the Feasibility of RIS-Enabled Cooperative Driving” has been accepted at the 2023 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference
  • 10 Feb. 2023: New thesis available on measuring the impact of interference by Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces! Check the theses page
  • 10 Jan. 2023: New thesis available on bike communications for mountain bike trail riding! Check the theses page
  • 5 Jan. 2023: Web page online
    The web page of the research group is a place where people can find out about our research, available theses, active projects, and the like.