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Our Mission

MANTA is the the Mobile Adaptive and pervasive NeTwork communicAtions research lab of the University of Trento. The lab is located at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, and is led by Professors Paolo Casari and Michele Segata.

Our research focus is on communication systems and technologies for future intelligent applications, which include cooperative autonomy on land (e.g., driving) and in water (e.g., for autonomous underwater vessels), intelligent transportation systems, real-time communications and interactions, as well as enabling network-based services such as localization and network function placement.

In particular, we work on future 5G/6G cellular networks, vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologies such IEEE 802.11p, mmWave networks, underwater communications, and reconfigurable intelligent surfaces, to name a few. Please visit our publications page to read on our research work.


25 May 2023: Our PRIN project “SELF4COOP” has been funded by the MUR.
28 Apr. 2023: Michele Segata participated as a panelist at IEEE VNC 2023.
26 Apr. 2023: Our paper “Copy-CAV: V2X-Enabled Wireless Towing for Emergency Transport” has been accepted for publication in Elsevier’s Computer Communication journal
03 Mar. 2023: Our paper “On the Feasibility of RIS-Enabled Cooperative Driving” has been accepted at the 2023 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference
10 Feb. 2023: New thesis available on measuring the impact of interference by Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces! Check the theses page
10 Jan. 2023: New thesis available on bike communications for mountain bike trail riding! Check the theses page
5 Jan. 2023: Web page online
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